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Originally Posted by FarmerJay View Post
Getting a multikill is not skill, it's time consuming, waiting for 4 people on a large map, dumb enough to cram together in a small spot. I've gotten several of them legit within a hundred hours gameplay, prior to the assignment. I don't feel like wasting another hundred or so hours redoing something I've already done.

I've been trying to get it legit since it came out. All I can get is triples. The one time I get a couple MK's and my box froze thus robbing me.
That and I have a life and a baby and don't live on BF like some people around here.

I don't plan on wearing the tag ever. I just want my assignments complete.

You guys don't like us boosting it then stay out of this thread. It's not like we're boosting to unlock a weapon or perk. It's a dog tag. Doesn't help anybody.
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