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Originally Posted by WickedD365 View Post
What's to lol at? The truth?

Well tell that to the assholes who mastery boost Javalin and Claymores and Stingers.
We're just getting 20 kills, not like we're going for mastery or something. And we are all dying while doing this too. Only get 15 kills in the + column.
If you must know, I was laughing at the only time I played with you, you went on a big rant on how Wolfkraut is a jerk because he was kicking everyones ass in the Attack Helicopter. That was quite embarrassing to listen to.

Just because we, the majority of high level players on this site, have played BF3 strictly since launch does not mean we have no life. I play at the maximum of 3 hours a day 4 days a week since launch, how is spending 12 hours a week on something I enjoy some how equate to no life? And I assure you most players have played less then me, as I have them on my friends list and I have the most hours played.

Boosting is boosting bro. You agreed to BF3 ToS by playing the game, if you boost you should face the consequences. Which consequently will also mean me giving boosters a hard time.
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