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Originally Posted by BBDrew84 View Post
If you must know, I was laughing at the only time I played with you, you went on a big rant on how Wolfkraut is a jerk because he was kicking everyones ass in the Attack Helicopter. That was quite embarrassing to listen to.
I remember that and I stand behind what I said. He plays cheap in the chopper. Flys just off the ground to avoid locks and just sweeps. It ruins the game. How am I suppose to enjoy a game when one asshole in a chopper is just sweeping back and forth and killing me everytime I spawn? I'm not. Nobody would enjoy that.
I hate vehicle camping. Come at with a knife and a pistol like a man. That's why I play TDM mostly. No vehicle BS to deal with.

I'll boost if I want to boost and there will be no evidence of it. Go ahead and report me. They can check my stats and see that everything is legit. This is the only thing I have wanted to boost in this game because it's so hard to get with the limited amount of time I play. You get in 12 hours a week, I'm lucky to get 12 hours a month.
Didn't think I would catch a ration of shit over it. Thought this was a community, not a mob.

That's all I'm going to say on all of this. I'm done here. If anyone wants to boost this with me. Keep an eye on my TA.
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