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My first death was on chapter 5, I underestimated that fan in the zero-g chamber and thought i could outrun it without recharging my stasis (stupid, i know). Luckily i had just saved. My second death was in the food processing plant on that first set of grinders. I was going slow as hell but I oriented to the ground at the wrong time, lost my leg. Then i forget which chapter it was but right after you get dragged through a hallway and thrown into space by that tentacle, i forgot about the pukers after diverting the lasers and got totally annihilated. And on chapter 9 I almost got sucked out the window after shooting the exploder, it was as close as you could have gotten too haha i had to take a break after that. My advice would be to do your hardcore runthrough shortly after you get done playing it on zealot so you don't forget some of those key details.
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