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Since I donít want to start off a new thread. Iíll just put It here.
Currently Iím trying to get the golden Executioner, after that itís the kap-40 and I will have all secondaryís gold (diamond).
But does anyone has some tips for getting headshots with it? I mean, I am fairly good player with pistols (been playing mostly with pistols since cod 4) but this gun feels so off to me. I donít like the full auto or burst pistol that much either (semi auto is the best) but I have been playing hardcore kill confirmed, I got 9 headshots I think, in like 5-8 games, which is not much off course because of the randomness of this gun, sometimes I need to headshot someone standing still twice, and sometimes I feel like Iím across the map and I get a headshot. But does anyone has some tips how to effectively get headshots and play with this weapon.
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You obviously didn't read my post properly. I advised you 'fuck off back to youtube'.
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