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Woah guys, watch out. If you don't show your love for all M$ exclusives, M$ customer service/human resources could take your Xbox away(including other products with the M$ label).

I actually enjoyed the original Gears, it felt like a solid shove in the right direction for the third person shooter genre. It had a great competitive multiplayer, and the campaign was a worthy challenge solo insane (when I beat the campaign SI I destroyed my controller out of pure joy(Fun Fact: that was the first and only time I broke a 360 controller(and I wrecked my keyboard when I beat Halo 2 PC legendary a few weeks back))).

Gears 2 was a mess, disappointing campaign with a shitty final battle that paled in comparison to RAAM, and I don't want to even talk about the multiplayer.

Gears 3 had an epic campaign until near the end, that's when I realized how much I hate Karen Traviss as an author/scriptwriter. Epic fucked everyone over with the first DLC as it was locked on disc, no dedicated servers like they promised, and everyone's running around with fucking sawed-off shotguns and retro lancers scoring cheap kills. Really unbalanced multiplayer experience. I'd say the online in Gears 3 lasted a solid 5 months before people fully abandoned it.

Judgment is already turning into a clusterfuck of confusion, everyone on the Judgment forums here are crying about Overrun, and there's no more "down but not out" in some gametypes. The removal of the locust skins in multiplayer is causing an even greater scandal than 343i's announcement stating they were removing elite skins in Halo 4.

The only M$ exclusive franchises that haven't been thrown at a fan and regurgitated into a steaming pile of donkey turd are arguably Halo and Forza. But it seems like both Halo and Forza are teetering on the brink of self destruction given Forza Horizon and 4's shift to Kinect and the Kinect apparantly gives hardcore gamers like us limp dicks. 343i abandoned the Kinect in Halo 4, which was sort of smart (did anyone like the interactive library in Anniversary?), but 343i needs to communicate better with their fans or Halo 5 and 6 will fall short of expectations.
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