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Not helping JG27x

I had a chance to talk to this guy tonight and he said he wanted my help on L4D and I was like "Yeah I'll help him" so I thumbed through the achievements he needed. Then I saw that we had another mutual game in common. And I asked for his help. This game was splinter cell conviction. All I needed was his help on the last 2 achievements for last stand. His reply was "you can do those 2 achievements solo" which tells me that he did not want to help me..Yes I can do them without him, but a team mate helps clear the level quicker.. He never thought of that.. So I sent him a message saying that if he could not help me, then I sure in the heck wont help him. His achievements that he needs would take a few hours where as mine would only take 30-45 mins tops. So becareful when adding this person. They seem like they are in for their own achievements. I had to block the guy from contacting me again.
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