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Originally Posted by DarkReign2021 View Post
Just wanted to confirm that "Backyard Barbeque" can in fact be completed on Black Side Stage 2, Free Mission 1. Most of my kills were from sporadic use throughout my first playthrough, but the last dozen kills or so were from playing this side mission, so it definitely counts those kills toward it.

Other than that, great guide. Fortunately most of the anonymous achievements have free missions that lend themselves really well to obtaining them, but there are a few cheevos that this guide has definitely helped with. Plus the pre-set chart for Rampage and Overkill Boss Fights was really helpful on the go. Saved me the trouble of having to trust my memory to remember everything.

Edit: One question regarding the achievement for killing all bosses with Rampage. How do you get Rampage mode in Red Side Jack/Leo fights? I can only ever fill up about half of the gauge.
Try playing on easy and letting them smack you around. It might take a while though.

All I have left are the boss killing achieves and they are lame.

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