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Don't worry. I'm working as hard as I can to get a job with 343. I'll set that game on the right track. Revamp the multiplayer with consistent playlistings, patch the glitches and bugs, and release 2 new maps every 3 months (1 original and 1 classic remake.) A standalone version will be released with updated graphics and new weapons and loadout options as a launch title for the new Xbox. It will be supported throughout the entirety of the console's lifespan.

Than Halo 5 and 6 will completely cut out Multiplayer and focus solely on a more Cinematic Campaign experience and a heavier Spartan Ops experience. Focus would be on:

-More Interactive Cutscenes with importance to the storytelling (think RE4 Knife fight, but not as outdated in design)
-More weapon variety and less weapon clones. Forerunner weapons will have secondary fire mode with support abilities (distortion bubbles, EMP tethers, etc...) and you wouldn't be able to use grenades when carrying them.
-Bring back Brutes, Drones, and Engineers as well cut Covenant concepts like perhaps the Drinol and Sharquoi. Also include more types of Promethean units, perhaps the result of the Composer being tested on Covenant troops.
-The return of the Flood. Smarter AI, new units, the return of driving vehicles. (Spartan-IV's in a Flood Form like they are in Flood Mode. Just think about that...)
-The return of vehicles that were in past Halo titles. Seraph, Chopper, Shadow, Hornet, Falcon, etc... Also introduce the vehicles from Halo Wars and vehicles of Forerunner design as well.
- The story would be on a more galactic scale. Primary focus would be on the resurgence of the Precursors and the wide-scale invasion of the Flood.
- Spartan Ops storyline would take place before, during, and after the Campaign. It would focus on the still-hostile Prometheans, the hostile Covenant, and now also the Independent Jiralhanae and the Human rebel forces.

Since the Covenant is officially disbanded, all of the races have differing alliances. The Sangheili are warring with each other, so you would have the Vadam supporters siding with humanity while 'Mdama's followers are sided with the Promethean. Jiralhanae are at odds with the Sangheili and have always respected the Human race, so I could see them hesitantly allying with Humanity as well, which would put the Vadam Truce at unease. Kig-Yar not sided with 'Mdama seem to be in bed with the Human Rebels, so that makes them open to all other factions. Than the Forerunner Prometheans are obviously hostile, but other Forerunner Intelligence (such as the Monitors and Sentinels of the Halo Arrays) seem to side with Humanity so long as their Halo isn't endangered since the Librarian deemed Humanity as the true Reclaimers of the Mantle. I would also imagine there are Forerunner forces elsewhere left behind by the Librarian for Humanity's benefit.

Anyway, some thoughts and ideas if I were put in charge of Halo 5 and 6 development. Thoughts, ideas, phone number, applications, and references for 343 employment?
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