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Originally Posted by DarkReign2021 View Post
-I love all of the vehicles in the series. That's why I'm sad when they drop vehicles out of the series for no reason.
-Drones are ok as long as they're not over-used. Perhaps limit them to air conflicts when you have vehicles or aircraft available.
-That's what the Standalone Halo multiplayer revamp is for. Sort of like an MMO, but on a smaller scale. Have a constantly growing multiplayer in the series instead of doing a new multiplayer with every game that runs the risk of people hating it more than the last one. Halo 4's multiplayer is in a precarious position where it's as good as Halo 3 while utilizing elements of Reach's multiplayer. Glitches and maps are the only things that are really hindering the game from being amazing.
- If I remember correctly, the short story "Stomping On the Heels of A Fuss" one of the Brutes mentioned how humanity was courageous and fought with tenacity. Since it takes places after Halo 3, it's the eventual defeat of the Covenant and destruction of the Ark that eventually swayed the Brutes opinion.
- It's a thought. Not necessarily one that needs to be acted on, but I've always wanted the Sentinels to play a bigger role with more varieties. I also really want the Sentinel Enforcer from Halo 2 to come back (Actually, most of the stuff I want back just happened to be from Halo 2. It really was Bungie's most ambitious title.)
- So true. I've been saying forever that the Flood is the very existence of the series. The creation of the Halo's, the Ark, the Shielf Worlds, the war between Humanity and the Forerunner, the return of Humanity to a primitive state, the extinction of the Forerunner, and more. I personally never had a problem with them, but I know most people didn't enjoy them as much as I did. This could be curbed with more diversity in units and smarter units as a whole. The whole "overcome with numbers" tactic was fine in the past, but if the Flood can drive vehicles, handle weapons, and repair spaceships, than they should be capable of so much more. The presence of Gravemind focus the abilities of the Flood and more potential should be tapped because of that. And like I said, Spartan-IV Flood. Give them their shields and access to the various Armor abilities like the Thruster.
It could work. I never read that story, I'm assuming it's from Evolutions? But if that's the case, it'd be really interesting if the Brutes returned in the next two installments.

I completely forgot about the Sentinel Enforcer until now. Sentinels and other Forerunner A.I should definitely make it into the next game since I honestly don't see how and why Chief will/would be fighting Prometheans again since the Didact is "dead" (which I still believe he isn't).

Spot on about the Flood. The Halo Universe is built upon their existence. If they don't show in 5 or 6, then that is a shame and disappoint on 343's part. Spartan-IV' Flood for Campaign you mean? That would be...deadly!

Wanted to point out how you claimed that Halo 2 was Bungie's best game/title. I gotta agree here. Not because of nostalgia like most will have about the MP, but because of the story. I enjoyed fighting the Flood as the Arbiter and speaking of Thel, I loved playing as him.

It was a shame when I read on the HaloWiki that Arbiter gameplay was cut from Halo 3 because many fans complained that it, "took away from the Chief's story." If anything, it made the story more interesting.

Get a job at 343, man. Seriously. Based on your two posts alone, I already know that you have more of a creative approach towards the story. Some, if not all of your ideas, might not satisfy the MP fans (who cares about them really) but they sure as hell satisfy my Halo needs.

Halo needs. Ha...I really just said that.

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