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Kinda-sorta roadmap and guide.

Ok, I don't normally give advice on here, but I take plenty, so I'll leave some notes on this game.

Overall this is a pretty easy game, maybe a 4/10 or so. Just play through the career mode, you will get more than enough exp and gun points to unlock every gun and all the parts for the guns during the career mode.

Any time you see a shooting rest, animal tracks, a spotting point, etc, just hit "A" and you will get credit for it. You should get those achievements rather early in the career.

The majority of the other achievements, like High Score, Shooting Proficiency, Optimal Shot, etc, I got without even trying to get them.

The 'difficult' achievements are Far, Far Away, Gold Rush, and Fearless Hunter.

Fearless Hunter can be done easily on the White Rhino Zimbabwe level. I was worried about being able to get this, but it was pretty easy actually. Just get set up, I used the shooting rests, and have a 2x scope on the rifle. Shoot the rhino in the rear end, making sure not to hit anything vital. You shoul dbe pretty close, and this will make the rhino charge you. Wait until it is running right at you and just shoot him in the chest. Even if it hits you before dying, you don't lose anything but time (as long as you shot it!) Then move to the second and third rhinos, rinse and repeat.

Gold Rush is not difficult, but a bit time consuming. Just be aware of what scopes and guns you are using and the challenges get done pretty quick. Make sure that you don't replay levels or quit out eary, as what you ahve accomplished will NOT save. You have to finish each level successfully and have it save.
I had trouble finding enough blood trails in the career, so I had to play a couple levels just to get that challenge. I used the elephant Zimbabwe level. Walk ahead and left to see the two sets of elephants. Run left and take out the one on the left, but don't claim it (this clears the area and can get you other Gold Medal challenges). Now walk along the pond until you come to the small tree. Shoot the elephant in the rear end, making sure not to hit vitals. The elephant herd will run to the left of the pond, past you. You should go to where you shot the elephant, and you will start finding blood trails to where they ran. I got 2-5 each time I replayed the level. Make sure to claim the trophy so you save your progress!

Far, Far Away is easily done on the zebra Namibia level. You can get 5 long shots in 2.5 playthroughs. I already did a reply talking about this under a different thread. I just don't have a link to it at the moment.

Ok, the last two achievements are the quick hunts. Just go through and kill at least one trophy on each level. I had the "Quick Hunt Expert" (kill 20) achieve soon after the "Quick Hunt Rookie" ahievement. For the last several levels I just took out one and quit out. Unlike the career mode, you don't have to finish the entire level before leaving.

Not the best guide ever, or even in the right format, but hopefully there are some good tips in here that will help someone!
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