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Originally Posted by CyberEvil View Post
Just ejected my disc after losing to Durga and Garuda's bullshit tag team on hard for the 20th time in a row. Get to the fight without a scratch, then my teammate is worthless (regardless of which character I choose) and I get tag teamed to death. Instant guard break into juggle where I literally can't survive. Very nearly snapped my disc in half. Pretty sure I'm done with the game at this point, which is sad, because it is so fun on Normal. The 1000GS isn't worth being stressed and I should really finish Dishonored before DmC drops anyway.
^ I hear you man, just got to this fight on my black side starting on hard playthrough, WTF

Don't get my wrong guys and gals, this is another awesome game courtesy of sega/platinum, but i too am finding my enjoyment of it severely lessened due to the large number of cheap deaths. Go ahead say i suck, maybe i do, maybe i don't, either way anarchy reigns is a good game, my patience however isn't at this point, i like achievements as much as the next gamer, but, at this point i would rather just have fun playing through the game then worrying about 1king it

Will give the fight another go later, as i see some tips have surfaced for it, and i know there is a platinum medal video for it aswell.

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