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Let me try to defend myself here. Firstly, DarylDixon asked me for my help, not the other way around. He then told me he had two achievements left to do for Splinter Cell. I said I would help him, even though I actually don't have to; my post was for L4D, NOT some other game, then I asked him what he needed help with. He told me to go look myself, which I didn't really appreciate. Then I found out he had to clear every map for a particular game type, which would take about 30 minutes for each map, and he told me there were 6 maps. I said that he could do SOME of them solo, just like I did when I played the game. He then promptly told me to go "F myself" and said he wouldn't help me with anything ever. My point here is that his voice message when he added me said that we could help each other get whatever we need for L4D. I never said at any point that I wanted him to help me get every achievement. I didn't even get a chance to tell him which achievements I needed help with before he got all offended and blocked me. And other people on this forum that I HAVE worked with can vouch that I'm a nice guy and am not in this for my own personal gain. Normally, I wouldn't even care about someone immature like this, but he's sent me multiple messages between blocking me being very disrespectful and now he's going online making up lies to try to really hurt me for some reason. Please dude, just grow up.

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