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Originally Posted by The BiggD View Post
Yeah, I wasn't too sure myself until I checked on HaloWiki yesterday lol. But for real, all the maps in the first trilogy were great. If at least 10 of them were remade for use in future titles, I'd be one happy Halo fan.
Screw 10, bring them all back, and bring them back now! ;P (That said, I never got to play Halo 2 online before it got shut down cause it never worked for some reason :S, but the maps weren't too bad)

Petition time anyone?

A playlist with some of the maps, maybe even cycling just 4 or 5 of the maps each week out of a random selection or chosen out of a weekly polling system on waypoint forums - to keep the playlist from getting too weighty with lots of maps - alongside random game modes would be better than most of the playlists we have just now :P

With people willing to make the maps (and from the video, exceptionally well), it couldn't be hard for them to get a good number of classic maps to make something like that happen at least.

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