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Almost have all the A-ranks done, but from what I've played so far breaks down like this:

Sonic: Crazy Gadget (hate this level the most, nothing worst then finally getting to the last part of the level only to miss a ledge or make a bad jump that causes you to be sucked out into space)

Shadow: Final Chase (only applies to hard mode: the gravity drums can be kinda wonky at times and the artificial chaos in certain spots are a real pain in the ass)

Knuckles: all them were pretty easy except some slight hiccups on meteor herd

Rouge: Mad Space (2nd most hated level, the gravity on this level keep messing things up especially on hard where the camera and controls decided to flip and become unresponsive under the spherical planet)

Tails & Eggman: None, these ones were fun and relatively easy only some of them I had to play over again

about 9 A-ranks from being all the way done, hope to be done soon

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