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Only serious players needed for GOW 1 MP Boosting

If anyone (serious achievement hunters or completionist people) wants to boost Gears of War MP Achievements, then I am working on setting up a boosting session so that people who want to get the game done, can participate. I have a few people right now that Definitely wants to boost. With myself included, I have about 3 or 4 others. We are very willing to help others as long as we can get the achievements too. All in all, this boosting session needs to be done on the weekends but can be done during the week. It all depends on what time every one can get on. I myself am in central time in the USA and can boost anytime. I am online a lot. If you are interested in boosting then message DarylDixon681 (that's me)letting me know that you want to boost. For the time being, those who want to boost should add one another as well as me and my friends, so we can find one another easier. And if people want to defriend one another after all MP Achievements have been gotten, that is fine. After all we are only here to help one another out. So please reply if interested.
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