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Still offering help for L4D Achievements

I am still offering help to those who want to complete left 4 dead achievements. But I prefer to only play with people who are serious about getting these achievements out of the way. So if your not serious about boosting or getting these achievements, please do not waste my time. Because my time is only for those people who really want and need it. I am even willing to forgive JG27x for his actions and comments against me. I am here to help people as well as being helped on this game. There is only a total of 3 achievements that I need, and would require a full team of people. Which is myself and 3 others. I have no problem with helping some one out. But I do have a problem who only look out for themselves. Anyways if anyone wants to get these achievements out of the way send a friend request to DarylDixon681 with a voice message saying you are here for L4D achievements. I hope everyone has a good day.
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