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Originally Posted by The BiggD View Post
I hadn't even noticed that! Well, looks like we'd have to save every 5 minutes, lol!

Surely you mean, Shark Week

Yeah man, I'm honestly not sure why I bothered getting all 120. Probably just to have my map clear since I bought all the Items Maps. But anyways, I know for a fact that Heron Relic 107 can only be done with a Handglider. All others can be done with the wall jump you were talking about, or simply traversing the land to get around them.

Yeah, I noticed about midway through the game that I was picking up "Health Kits" and they were giving me Green Syringes for healing. Most of them are easily avoidable. Some of them are tricky.

I also bothered to get all 120. Not because of some obligation to the achievements... I just thought it was kind of fun collecting them as I went. They gave a nice chunk of XP that I needed before I maxed out and many were in nice little nooks. Some of them were even decent challenges to obtain. I might have to go back through and look at the islands again if you say you didn't need a glider for one of them. I remember going all the way around the base of an island, encountering sheer cliffs on all sides with no way to jump up and getting mad that I had to now go to the mainland, climb a mountain, grab a glider, just to come back and obtain this one relic. Maybe there was an easier way.

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