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Originally Posted by ilold View Post
Im currently trying to get the achievement in which I do not kill anyone and do not get detected.

Somehow i keep managing to kill 2 people in the flood district mission even though i'm pretty sure i did not.

edit: just found out that choking granny rags will count as a kill. Does that count as 1 or 2?

Before the patch killing Mrs. Rags counted as a kill (only one) after the patch it doesn't count as a kill BUT you have to be super careful not to get detected. I tried a hundred times to just choke her out but it still said I got detected (even tho i didn't) in the end so I restarted the mission, recovered my gear, and then sleep darted her ass while she wasn't looking. This method got me the 0 deaths and 0 detections. I was able to get Clean Hands, Ghost, Shadow and Mostly Flesh and Steel all in one playthrough.
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