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Are you all joking? RIGHT???

I mean...Hyperious and Master Gee I get it, they were tough motherf*ckers. But Pete??? Friking Pete???

Thereīs two valves in the place to make waterfalls to stop the elemental damage he does, that makes him powerless as long as you keep moving and avoiding him.

In my 4 players 2.5 game, we found the valves on our third try, he died that same try, no problem, none of us wearing The Bee by the way. And I solo him pretty much relaxed with my 100% melee Zer0, the stupid guy keep attacking the decoy, then I come on a backstab with my plus 200% melee damage rifle assault (the one in the pirate DLC, crappy gun, nice melee bonus), and if he summon anything, BOHO!! One hit every single one is dead, thanks for refilling my health suckers, then come back to Pete.

Seriously, SERIOUSLY, this one is the crappiest Invincible of all, and people talking about The Bee and glitches to kill him... give me a break, Iīm NOT a hardcore player and I dinīt find him difficult at all after find out about the water valves. Give the game a chance and your skills, come up with an strategy and find out for yourselves how much easy this guy can be if you know how to manage him.
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