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I usually try to stick up for Kinect titles... they get a bad rap for the touchy touchy tracking.

Unfortunately, Leedmees is unplayable except for those miracle few people who have god-like tracking from thier Kinects. I only know of these people because presumably someone actually got all the chevos for this one. A fun concept, the failure comes in the moment Kinect loses you even for a second. Most games, this doesn't kill things, you just waggle your mitts until it begins responding again. BUT, Leedmees is destroyed by this; the little "mees" or whatever go flying around the screen, making simple tasks a struggle and RUINING any chance of getting the high ranks necessary for the real cheevos.

If you must... I mean MUST try it, it goes on sale for 400 points every other week for the fourth time in a row in the Kinect Central Sales. Don't DARE spend 800.
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