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Originally Posted by Tremoctopus View Post
Can anyone else confirm that the overkill and rampage bonuses pop for the Douglas fight? I can't seem to get either to show before the cutscene. The boss achieves are prolly the worse in the game
I can also confirm that the rampage bonus does indeed pop up right before the cutscene. It just did for me tonight.

A few questions... When replaying missions for the Rampage/Overkill achieves on bosses, I'm assuming I can just select the stage via the main menu but do I have to save before exiting back to the main menu or do auto saves keep track of the bosses I've done?

Also, I just completed the game starting with Black. Do I select the new game option and start from white to get the achievement for it & unlock Gargoyle?

Finally, regarding difficulty achievements can they be obtained via stage select or do you have to (again) select your difficulty at the start of the game via the new game option? Oh, and aside from Elite Force of Anarchy & Chasing Anarchy achievements, which clearly state you're required to complete all free missions as well. Am I correct in assuming that I can simply just complete the main missions on each difficulty and skip the free missions?

Any help with these questions would be greatly appreciated.

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