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Originally Posted by CrimsonWesker View Post
What are you doing that I'm not doing? I'm following both videos to the second.

Am I not meant to get my stuff from the store? Am I not meant to recharge my stasis during the boss battle (I don't have the detonator mine thing).

I've even tried it without recharging my stasis as well, still doesn't work for me.

Please help if you know - there is obviously something I'm missing and it's really pissing me off
Don't worry, I'm sure it's something that's beeing overlooked. I didn't kill the Brute(?) like in the videos because I did not have the mines, I just stasis, shoot arms, run , stasis, shoot arms, run until he was dead. After I killed him, I went and picked up the 2 nodes and the 1,000 Credit and layed them down in the hallway one is supposed to, then I ran to the next room, removed a panel from the wall and ran all the way to the room where there are ballons, waited like 15 seconds and ran back to the room where I removed the panel. And then just go back and forward from the room I removed the panel to where the nodes and credits are and pick one up (can't pickup more than once) and without dropping them, I carried them all the way to the end of the room I removed the panel, and set the nodes/credits directly in front of it. Basically took them and placed them exactly like showed in the video. Be sure to not drop the node/credits until the area where you are supposed to and also like mentioned in the video (I think?), don't go too far behind when opening the door to get the nodes/credits.

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