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Achievement Guide with Roadmap

-Estimated achievement difficulty: 8 (Based on number of playthroughs and escalating difficulty requirements)
-Offline: 48 [1000]
-Online: 0 [0]
-Approximate amount of time to 1000: 30+ hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 5
-Missable achievements: None, Mission Select
-Does difficulty affect achievements?: Only for the finishing the game on specific difficulties.
-Glitched achievements: None
-Unobtainable achievements: None


Playthrough #1: Playthrough on Human to unlock all the equipment and abilities. If you are an experienced DMC player you can choose to only play through mission 10. This gets you Aquilla which is the last piece of equipment needed to get all collectibles.
Playthrough #2: Playthrough each mission again on Human to collect all the keys, doors, and lost souls. This will unlock all the collectible achievements but even more importantly this will give you a SSS in unlocks to greatly boost your SSS Nephilim playthrough. Note there are several missions that have no collectibles so you are free to change difficulty to Nephilim on those to go directly for SSS if you desire.
Playthrough #3: Play on Nephilim difficultly to get SSS rank to get the Jackpot! achievement.
Playthrough #4 - #7: Playthrough on Son of Sparda, then Dante Must Die, then Heaven on Hell, and finally Hell and Hell.
Playthrough #8: If required go back to complete the 5 achievements that require skill It's only rain, Where does the time go?, A man with guts and honor, Now my coat's all charred, Every hero has a weakness

There is a nice achievement section on the main menu that tracks everything you need to do with counters to let you know how close you are.


It's only the rain - 10 You Killed 10 enemies by pushing them into the Hurricane ride
The Hurricane is the tilt a whirl carnival ride you will come to in mission one. Simply use your B Hightime air attack of the Rebllion to launch enemies in the air. If the low part of the Hurricane hits them they will die. There are enough enemies to get this in one try or you can reload checkpoint to finish it up.

10 - You purchased your first upgrade
During the first mission you will be introduced to Divinity Statues. You use the points you acquire during missions to upgrade your weapons and abilities. Simply purchase one upgrade for this achievement. You can also upgrade from the main menu.

Come on Puppy. Let's go! - 20 You have defeated the Hunter
Story Related. The Hunter is the end boss of the first level, Found. You damage the Hunter via hitting it in the face. Watch for the wild swinging, but pretty easy to dodge. The Hunter will also jump away from you and try to grab you with his grappling hook, simply dodge away and hit him with your guns. The other attack to look out for is when the Hunter will darken the area and throw his blade out at you. During this attack you need to simply keep dodging until it is over.


It's got to stay in the family - 10 You have acquired Arbiter
Story Related. You acquire the Arbiter in the second mission.

Thing drives me crazy - 10 You have acquired Osiris
Story Related. You acquire the Osiris in the second mission.


Only kind of gift worth giving - 10 You have acquired the Angel Boost ability
Story Related. Angel Boost is acquired during mission three.

Where does the time go? - 10 You completed a level in 2 minutes or less
Once you have Angel Boost in mission 3 you can restart mission 3 on Human difficulty. Kill the first wave of enemies and then just Angel Boost to the end. Easy.

Looks like it's your lucky day - 10 You completed a level without taking any damage
Playing mission 3 a second time on Human, after already getting Angel Boost, is the way to go. There is only the opening area enemies and then you can Angel Boost to finish the level very quickly. An alternate level to get this on is mission 15, there are no enemies, but you need to get to the end without missing a single jump.


Flock off, feather-face! - 20 You have defeated the Tyrant
Story Related. Tyrant is a boss in mission 4. You need to dodge his charge and then quickly use Demon Pull to drag him to you and beat on him while he is down. Repeat several times.


Video Credit: PowerPyx


A man with guts and honor - 10 You reached the end of the descent on Mission 6 having killed all of the enemies
Play on Human difficulty. This is timed, but you have plenty of time. There are only a hand full of enemies in this level. Just use Demon Pull to bring them in and hit them hard. I personally messed a TON of jumps lol and still got this no problem.

This baby sure can pack a punch - 20 You have acquired Eryx
Story Related. Eryx is acquired at the end of mission six.

Video Credit: PowerPyx


Video Credit: PowerPyx


He's a demon too - 10 You helped Phineas by retrieving his eye
Story Related. This is story related for mission eight.

Video Credit: PowerPyx


You are not a Human, are you? - 10 You have acquired the Devil Trigger ability
Story Related. You get Devil Trigger during mission nine.

Video Credit: PowerPyx


No talking! - 20 You have acquired Aquila
Story Related. You get Aquila during mission ten.

No Collectables

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