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Video Credit: PowerPyx


More than just a few sparks - 10 You have acquired Revenant
Story Related. You get Revenant during mission twelve.

No Collectibles


Video Credit: PowerPyx


Whatever, Lady - 20 You have defeated Mundus' spawn
Story Related. This boss is the end of mission fourteen.

No Collectibles



Now my coat's all charred - 10 You navigated the Sky Bridge without hitting the lasers
In mission sixteen you will come to a bridge with red and white lasers. You need to get to the end without hitting the lasers. You can restart checkpoint if you need to. There is a battle in the middle, you can get hit by enemies, but not the lasers. Time your jumps to be in sync with when they are off. The third jump is the only hard one, you need to jump, fall a bit, and then Angel Boost.

You're not going to shoot me - 10 You have acquired Kablooey
Story Related. You get this weapon in mission sixteen.

Video Credit: PowerPyx


Every hero has a weakness - 10 You completed Furnace of Souls without taking damage from the furnace
This is in mission seventeen. This is probably one of the hardest achieves. The level is VERY long and whether you have been hit or not can be hard to tell. Keep careful watch on your health meter. Make sure to reload Checkpoints, don't die from the fire and continue.
Video Credit: PowerPyx

Video Credit: PowerPyx


It's time to finish this! - 10 You helped Vergil open the Vault
Story Related. You get this at the end of mission eighteen.

Video Credit: PowerPyx


Cleaning up his Dad's mess - 20 You have defeated Mundus
Story Related. Mundus is the boss of level nineteen.

No Collectibles


The end? Don't bet on it - 40 You defeated Vergil on any difficulty
Story Related. Virgil is the boss of level twenty. Fight though the entire fight until Virgil starts to call in clones to protect himself when he gets low on health. THE SECOND he calls in a spawn, activate Devil Trigger and then stab him with a standard Y attack. If you need Devil Trigger you can get it easy by spamming The B attack of the Osiris against the clone.

No Collectibles


And you are set free - 10 You have found half of the Lost Souls
See Fill your dark soul with light
Fill your dark soul with light - 20 You have found all of the Lost Souls
There are 80 Lost Souls

Dude, the show's over! - 10 You have found all 21 Keys
Let's welcome chaos! - 10 You have opened all 21 Secret Doors
You need to find keys to unlock the secret doors. There are 10 Copper, 6 Argent, 4 Gold, and 1 Ivory Key/Door. Note that although there are a equal number of keys and doors in a level, you do not necessarily find matching keys. There is a bit of getting keys from other levels and coming back and forth.

Keeps getting better and better - 40 You have been awarded a 100% completion rank on all missions
This is for getting all the Keys, Doors, and Souls. Check out PowerPyx and Savgcom's videos under each mission for full collectible guides.

This party's just getting crazy! - 20 You have completed 10 of the Secret Missions
See One hell of a party!
One hell of a party! - 50 You have completed all of the Secret Missions
The Secret Missions refer to the doors. Each door has a mission based on it's key type. The rarer the key, the harder the mission. After you have unlocked them in the missions you can play them immediately or access them in the main menu.

Harry94 has written a Secret Mission guide HERE.


You can't handle it - 10 You have upgraded Dante's Devil Trigger to maximum
You need to buy them from the shop for 1,000, 5,000 and 10,000 red orbs. Then complete the secret missions to get shards.

Let’s rock, baby! - 10 You have upgraded Dante's health to maximum
You get upgrades both from the store and also from finishing Secret Rooms. It takes 6 upgrades from the store and shards from the secret missions to get max health.

This is my kind of rain - 10 You have spent 10,000 Red Orbs
See Absolutely crazy about it
Absolutely crazy about it - 20 You have Spent 50,000 Red Orbs
Orbs are dropped by spiders, enemies, and destructable things in the game. You use the Red Orbs to purchase items from the Divinity Statues and main menu Shop. This total is cumulative over all playthroughs.

Power... Give me more power! - 20 You have purchased all of Dante's combat upgrades
This means all basic abilities and also all weapon abilities. There are 79 total upgrades you need to purchase. You can check your progress in Extras, Achievements.

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