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-Estimated achievement difficulty: 4
-Offline 12/12 [200/200]
-Online None
-Approximate amount of time to 1000 8-10 hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed 3
-Number of missable achievements 1 (Signum IV)
-Do cheat codes disable achievements? No Cheats
-Does difficulty affect achievements? Yes
-Glitchy achievements None
-Unobtainable achievements None
-Extra equipment needed? No

I suppose the best way to describe Blazing Birds is badminton with robots. Your goal is to make you opponent miss or foul the shuttlecock. Do this by gaining powerups and tricking the opponent into making mistakes.


Start off by playing through the tutorial to learn the basics to earn Practice Complete.
Next start playing through the arcade modes. There are achievement for beating arcade on each of the three difficulties. These do not stack so you will need to go through each difficulty against seemingly endless opponents until you have all three achievements. You should pick up some others on the way.

Beating easy will get you Bronze Wing. On your first game, or when you have confidence to try, score 8 points with a short shot using when you are close to the net to get Pacifist.

Beating normal will get you Silver Wing. You will achieve Fear of Heights when you win your first game on this difficulty.After you win the final match you will play a bonus match against Signum IV. Please note that this is a one off match, if you quit out before you beat him (it?), you will have to start again. You will also play him after the hard mode run but obvioulsy he will be much harder. Beat him to unlock Signum IV.

Beating hard will get you Gold Wing. The difference between hard and normal and normal and easy is much bigger, so you have been warned!
On the way to this you will most likely pick up Power Trip for scoring 8 points with power shots as almost every shot on hard is a power shot. As most shots are power shots you will probably get Defender as you play through for returning 8 of them.
If you manage to win a game without your opponent scoring will get you Perfection. The first opponent is the easiest, so it is a good idea to keep playing the first match to get this before you continue. It will give you some good practice for the rest of the matches.

Mop Up

You should be pretty much tired of this game by now, but there may be a couple of achievements you still need. You should have gotten Survivalist for having a rally of over 15 shots, but may need to play an extra match to unlock Anger Management.
For this one, start a game on Normal, beat the first robot, and when you get to the second robot. Smash the shuttlecock, and push towards the wall, and just keep smashing till you get 8.


Congrats to anybody who has the patience to get 200 in this game. It is a fun idea but gets old very quickly. The hard arcade mode is pretty difficult but put some time in and it is not too difficult to get 100% if you have the patience. It won't take that long but will seem like forever...

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