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1. I chopped off the guys leg. (I was panicking and thought it was the quickest way out)

2.I gave food to Larry (to gain his daughter's trust) Clem (because obv) Duck (because he's a kid) and Kenny (thought I could win over both stubborn wanna be leaders this way)

3. I killed Jolene, (because I didn't want to take an arrow to the eye, or knee, and because seeing Clem's hat angered me)

4. Attempted to save Larry, but Kenny obv messed that up for me. (thought I was doing the right thing, but was nervous about it so I'm glad Kenny bailed me out of the situation honestly)

5. Did not kill either brother. (Trying to be humane with the first, and the second I let the walkers have him because I thought it would help us escape)

6. Stole the food and supplies. (Told Clem that we had to do it to survive, but I feel guilty)
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