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Originally Posted by headdragon View Post
Do you have all abilities? There is one that shortens the capture time for data posts. I'm also trying to get the number one. Best I get right now is place 34 on advanced 1-4 with 41 seconds which is 10 seconds aqay from the top 10 and 19 seconds away from number 1. But seeing that the PS3 time on this is around 17.5 seconds there is still room for improvement. where do you try?
I've been running mostly all of the data posts grab ones, keep coming off just a few short on most of them... I don't know how people did this man, I swear if I didn't know any better 90% of these scores are just glitched to look real... I've been using quick return and sprinter 1, while sprinter seems to work I really don't see a difference in data post hack speed with quick return, feels like it takes the same amount of time so I really don't think it even works in training...
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