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Personally i have 3 complaints but they aint that bad actually

1) Point Man never speak... even when speak to, he don't even say yes by the head or whatever, he stays there like a retard and do nothing. Why is it so hard for developers to put a character that speak... I mean Master Chief is soft spoken, yet he is bad ass in that way and everybody loves him. Im not asking for a chatterbox, but at least a character that speak a bit, answer the questions and such. Only games wich i agree a character would not talk is like in Skyrim, the choices of answers i made are "the speaking" , you don't have the impression he stay there like a robot not speaking. You feel the character. But every other game where the main character don't speak, i feel it suffer on the game.

2) Challenges... points and colorfull writing poping in my screens every 2 min really break a bit the atmospher and the scary factor... Ill get back on this later...

3) No TDM... but again the second game was not that awesome at it anyway... i wish the VS of FEAR1 would had been put back. FEAR1 but with health regen and new guns. That would not had been like a blockbuster MP, but fun enough to keep people on it.

Other than that, i don't understand why you guys complain about the game not being scary or whatever... The first game was pretty much the same, its just that now we are used to Alma poping around, in the first game i jump scared my shit because she would appear creeping out in a small area or whatever, but now we know she don't do much exept apearing... so yeah we are more used to it, but there still a couple part where i jump scared a bit, when that monster(so its Alan Wade?) jump in my face or when i took a ladder and had a close up shot at Alma... But FEAR was always more about action shooting and still keeping some darker ambiant areas... I think it does well... i like navigating alone in dark rooms an seeing all kind of bloody and creepy stuff, then big freaking gun fight with gore everywhere, i like how you can pretty much dismemeber everybody all around...

But in all these years of video games, the only game that really scared me was Condemned, the first one, not the bad action fest that was the second game... (well it wasn't terrible, but so lame compare to the first game) That one had everything to keep you scared.

But as grown up adults, of course not much will scared us, i mean think about it, i saw people saying they where scared at the first Resident Evil... i played it again a couple years ago and thats almost laughable how its colorfull and not scary at all... Yet at that time it may had been because people where not used to this and most of us where teens/kids back then...

Anyway overall FEAR3 in term of campaign is pretty much what i expected, its in the vein of the first 2(or 3 if you count fear files) games, and for what i paid its worth it to have a 8 hours campaign. Thats pretty much how i like those type of campaign, short and sweet, i don't like Shooters that push too far... I remember Bioshock, took me 15 hours to do it and god damned at the end i was bored... so repetitive, would it had been 8 hours i would less remember it as a bad game... I know some may want to crucify me as Bioshock has a cult following, but honestly the story bored me to death, a non speaking hero again, and it was pretty much all on foot all game long, if a game got to be that long, at least make some diversity in it.

But to come back to FEAR3, i didn't played the multi, and since i got the game very late, i doubt i will, so i won't comment on it, but i must admit im not an objective lover type of shooter guy, i like it plain and straigh, TDM...

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