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Total Awards: 41 (more» ...)
Helping Hand Nominations

Members that have received the award:

* Clueless *
Skorpion XBA

Current Nominations:

(16) * Clueless * [Awarded]- Implementing a brand new Guide Team process, demolishing a GT backlog that went from laughable to sad, Implementing a new way to submit guides and road maps, bringing the Greenbook to life, assisting in Maximum Clubs while still doing GT and Mod duties and making *pom* *poms* cool again.
Nominated by: Dakisbac, Yunder, Scotty, Corrupt, THE DEADLY DOG, BAR4D, Never Final, Gackt, J.Waddo, Tatanko, Madhatters13, AOS Puck, Nozza XBA, FoxxyKyle, Maka, KillerBEA,

(3) Arsenic 17 - Helping in Windows Phone threads, making many WP guides by himself.
Nominated by: Corrupt, H0p3sfalL, Kairi

(4) Barad - Stepping forward and offering his help to another user for Battlefield 4, helping /u/Cilisien for hours with Forza Horizon 2 achievements, purchasing a game solely to get Corrupt an achievement (echoed by bigbear.)
Nominated by: Dirty130, Cilisien, Corrupt., bigbear.,

(1) bigbear. - Giving a Fallout 3 code to TDD asking for nothing in return
Nominated by: THE DEADLY DOG

(2) BiggD - Helping find prices in USD for all games in the The Utimate Xbox One Resource Thread, helping a user in Halo
Nominated by: Kairi, Mr Chaotix

(2) BooneJusticius - Site Assistance
Nominated by: Spade, DEG23

(1) bplayak - Giving Tech Help multiple times
Nominated by: Kairi

(1) BluWolve - Helping a user with an on-site glitch.
Nominated by: FoxxyKyle

(4) Capn Doug- For shipping games to another user and covering shipping charges, for helping with subscriber tournaments and the Arcade Crazy leaderboards, mailing games to help member get closer to 100k
Nominated by: Kaleido42, KillerBEA, Creech, Foxxy Kyle

(3) Ceris - Helping with the "Helping Hand Award" nomination count, for helping make avatars
Nominated by: Yunder, Jakez123, Scotty

(1) Cilisien - for helping me with price conversions and finding prices in pounds for Ultimate Xbox One Resource Thread
Nominated by: Kairi

(10) Corrupt. [Awarded] - For shipping a game to another user at no cost, for creating a list of all games without a published guide, For helping with the Cover Correction Project, helping another user write a Roadmap
Nominated by: J.Waddo, Ceris, Spade, Foxxy Kyle, DEG23, THE DEADLY DOG, StayonTarget, KillerBEA, Judge Bergan, PenderPowguin

(18) Creech [Awarded]- Bringing new awards to the forums, organizing the forums, adding more topics, and bringing back Subscriber tournaments, and being a strategy god.
Nominated by: Jackanape, Dakisbac, Kaleido42, Yunder, Scotty, Corrupt, THE DEADLY DOG, BAR4D, Never Final, Gackt, J.Waddo, Tatanko, Madhatters13, AOS Puck, Nozza XBA, FoxxyKyle, Burnout x360a, KillerBEA

(10) dakisbac [pending] - For compiling all award winners over the course of the site's existence, adding guides to the Over Achiever list, Checking for subscribers without a green name, updating missing achievement list, finding missing unlockable gamerpictures, Over 100 achievement tile submissions. For helping multiple members get achievements in Halo: MCC.
Nominated by: Yunder, Callum x360a, Foxxy Kyle, Spade, Corrupt, Kaleido42, Kairi, BiggD, Ceris, Jakez123

(1) Dante Kansai - Helping a user with Halo achievements
Nominated by: Mr Chaotix

(5) DarkxMaterials - For making over 225 submissions to the site!
Nominated by: Kairi, dakisbac, Corrupt, BiggD, Ceris

(1) Deekboy - Attempting to keep Subscriber play dates going.
Nominated by: Capn Doug

(4) DEG23- For Helping Creech with Site Assistance, for creating the list of games missing a guide or roadmap.
Nominated by: THE DEADLY DOG, Ceris, Capn Doug, troy0891

(1) Delta3519 - Checking for subscribers without a green name, updating missing achievement list
Nominated by: Spade

(3) Dirty130 - Assisting others in the Halo tournament warm up, helping /u/Fragarach Luin wth achievements in multiple games, assisting in giving weapons in Dying Light
Nominated by: Jakez123, Fragarach Luin, Maka

(2) DOOKH8R- For helping forum members unlock achievements in PS:U before servers were shut down
Nominated by: Ceris, dakisbac

(2) Emperor 95 - Creating banners for another member for achievement guides, Stepping forward and offering his help to another user for Battlefield 4
Nominated by: Barad, Dirty130

(3) exit9500 - For compiling a list of all G&RM with images/videos.
Nominated by: troy0891, DEG23, Corrupt

(1) FatalDeathSG45 - For helping countless people get good equipment in Borderlands 2
Nominated by: Scotty

(1) Fishman - Signature/Avatar/etc work
Nominated by: Dirty130

(4) Floyd XBA - Offering his help in a thread in the New Members board, being a general help to new members by answering questions, helped /u/Lavindathar with many questions across multiple games, helped /u/DEG23 with a bombardment of Dragon Age: Inquisition questions
Nominated by: Scotty, Twitch XBA, Lavindathar, DEG23

(1) Fragarach Luin - Very helpful Minecraft world to very quickly get all the achievements, as well as hosting games within Minecraft for other's enjoyment
Nominated by: Dirty130

(8) Grifter Reborn - For assisting in correcting eligibility of past Representers, help running Ambassador program, community co-op stuff, overall site help, giving sound GSL advice
Nominated by: Jappe x360a, Ceris, troy0891, Carmona25, Creech, Spade, FrozenRaptorz, Corrupt

(6) Hawaiian - Over 100 achievement tile submissions
Nominated by: Kaleido42, Kairi, dakisbac, Corrupt, Ceris, BiggD

(2) IDarK VorteXX - Spending a significant amount of money to buy extra controllers to boost a game with other players, taking a user through the whole Borderlands 2 campaign, moar achievement help
Nominated by: BiggD, Jakez123

(1) ImpendIn_Agony - For his help in the Fable 2 helpers group.
Nominated by: dakisbac

(6) ISACC1982 - For maintaining Windows Phone/Windows 8 threads.
Nominated by: Tyger7, Corrupt, Kairi, Creech, Capn Doug, Judge Bergan

(1) Jackanape - For assisting with the Subscriber Spotlight,
Nominated by: Yunder

(5) Jakez123 - Site Assisatance, explaining rules/options for a game in a tournament in an in depth and friendly way, Revamping TDD's Server Shutdown list, helping a user Halo achievements,
Nominated by: Spade, DEG23, Dirty130, THE DEADLY DOG, Mr Chaotix

(2) Jappe XBA- For distributing free Cars in Forza 2, For helping with the Cover Correction Project
Nominated by: J.Waddo, THE DEADLY DOG

(1) Judge Bergan - Checking for subscribers without a green name, updating missing achievement list
Nominated by: Spade

(13) Kairi [Awarded] - Being that "welcoming to the site" person, answering many questions, keeping the "awards stuff" organized, being awesome in general, helping a user proofread a guide, making the useful thread "Ultimate Arcade Resource Thread"
Nominated by: Tatanko, DEG23, troy0891, KillerBEA, Spade., Ceris, Delta3519, The BiggD, Carmona25, Scotty, StayonTarget, Lavindathar, Jakez123

(1) Kaleido42 - For compile a list of member count discrepancies and layout tweaks in the Maximum Clubs
Nominated by: HadMatters13

(11) KillerBEA [awarded]- Helping users with boosting a game (DMMM), Helping with the Cover Correction project, helping another user earn site awards, helping others 100% Dark Souls, making signatures and avatars, explaining site features
Nominated by: Corrupt, Spade., Judge Bergan, dakisbac, THE DEADLY DOG, StayonTarget, Skorpion x360a, Slaughter XBA, Kairi, Jakez123, DJ RJester

If you notice a mistake in this list, or had a username change, please send Ceris a PM or post corrections here!

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