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Originally Posted by RedZone View Post
I think its because we now have Generations to compare it too.

We have levels that don't fall into the trial and error category, two types of gameplay that while different don't stray from what a Sonic game is supposed to be, and a story that while more bare-bones actually focuses on Sonic characters instead of ANOTHER one-shot (annoying) sidekick and god of destruction.
Nah, that's not the reason. People been hating on this game ever since it came out.

I also wonder why. The day stages were awesome and the Night stages weren't that bad either. At least it's unique, and that's what I like about video games. Also, if we just had Day Stages, this game would've been shorter than generations, and then people would be complaining about that :l

Besides, this game got one of my favorite OST and level design, and probably one of the best Stories in Sonic History too. People should look at the whole game instead of just the werehog and then come back with an opinion.

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