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I would love to boost my War Games commendations so I could get the armors I want. I'm looking to do these the most:

From the Brink
Close Quarters

Then maybe some of the weapon required ones:

Mounted Turret
UNSC Ordnance Mastery
UNSC Loadout Mastery
Covenant Loadout Mastery
Forerunner Loadout Mastery
Forerunner Ordnance Mastery

Vehicles too if we get a chance:

Most of the vehicle destroys (won't need to do much because most of them are master)

Would like some work done on Spartan Ops too if anyone is up for it

Hit me up with a XBOX message if you wish to work on this. Must have a mic and have 2-4 controllers. I have 3 but one of them is broken so I can only use two

Gamertag: KillSteelTex
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