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Originally Posted by P1TTMAN View Post
Wouldn't it be nice if they could fix the matchmaking.. takes forever for a match to start, and often you can't finish the game before it kicks you out.
Originally Posted by fedex71 View Post
Yeah I agree, the matchmaking is what actually needs to be fixed, if I can't finish a game and none of my stats ever get saved then I'm going to stop playing. I like this game for a fun relaxing game to play when i dont want to play shooters, but spending an hour to actually finish one game is really annoying!
I thought they improved matchmaking. Just the other day, a match began, with only 5 people in the lobby, since the required number is 4 players. Quick to start, quick to end. Even in 15 player lobbies, doesn't take long. Even though sometimes I hit the third match, people start mysteriously disappearing and eventually, so do I. One way or another, Co-op is better than quick match in terms of connection.

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