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Originally Posted by InsaneKane87 View Post
This is why I stick to co-op now, sometimes I still get kicked but matches start much quicker. Plus you get more and better items for finishing a match.

Edit: Three co-op matches can be done in what.. 10-15 minutes if done right? And you can get up to 3 items per match so by the end that is 9.. where as in regular matches they can take up to 20 minutes and I'll get one item even tho I got item box level 4 or Ill get a useless accessory.
Regular matches give more EXP than co-op and the quality of item is more likely to be a higher weight or a premium item than in co-op. Special Challenge is a nice opportunity to get GOOD EXP and PREMIUM ITEMS if you play it in Hard Mode though - highly recommend the Special Challenge when it's available.
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