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It was pretty much said by one of the game davs that the reason Frank looked like an ''old man'' as Chuck called him despite Frank being in his 30s is from the Zombrex Issabela created for him in the first before Phenotrans made Zombrex. It was a side effect of looking older then you were,because it was just litterly in the testing phase. Frank and Issabella didn't know if it would work but it did.

B-It would make sense that Issabela would look different and older because several years have passed since Willamete in 06' so from 06-2010 thats four years. She grows up from a young renegade woman.

The ending I liked because it was a prequel,I thought to DR3.

This is not a ''What if'' story like Off The Record was. Chuck STILL has to clear his name or face the death penality to hundreds of murders that he did not do. Remember in DR2 Sullivan destroyed the camera evidence before he kills Rebecca. Chuck trusts Katey to Stacey because Stacey helps Chuck throughout DR2,bringing a kid to the Phenotrans facility would have been dumb, A-no one could keep an eye on her,B-If a guard found her they would have captured her and it would have been a reapetive from DR2.

There were other outbreaks after Willamete before Still Creek and Fourtune City. If you pay attention to the Story in DR1 Carlito has infected the whole Country of America,every City and state is infected by the thousands. So there is no short supply of zombies. If there ever is they abduct ''Missing people and homeless people'' to work on.

Issabella isnt dead,the antagonist women did not want to kill her because Issabella is her greatest asset,why would she kill off the inventor of her Zombrex that has made the woman a billionare. Iss was carried off by the woman,again this could be the set up for DR3.

The story does make sense in DR. The government is behind it all including Phenotrans,Phenotrans pays off the Government and the Government makes the public know ''They cleared up the zombie mess'' by firebombing. If the government did nothing the public would start to susspect something. Phenotrans scares people into buying zombrex from zombie outbreaks. Zombrex is expensive at 100$ a dose a day but Im sure CURE and hospitals offer health care for the less rich.

Why would Issabella tell Frank she worked for Phenotrans ? even if she could Frank would disaprove. I think after they escaped Willamete Phenotrans abducted Iss and made her work for them after they knew she was a genius at Medical concoctions. She probbably couldn't even talk to the outside World anymore. Her whole family was dead so who would file a missing persons report or anything like that.

Only thing I disliked about Case west was that it was smaller then the previous ones and the very very ending. When Chuck says ''No one will believe we were here''despite having camera evidence of what Phenotarns did. Does that mean Chuck hasn't cleared his name yet ? only time will tell in DR3.
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