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When Homefront came out i was dissapointed and never realy finished it, sold my copy pretty early on without even trying the MP, now i picked it up from my local gamestore again from the used bin, and honest i do love it now! I know this may sound odd but the graphics still can hold their own and compared to the latest CODII i think its not bad for an older game. The story is def okay and i do love the start of the first mission. Ofcourse looking into it and the hype they made back then about it, the story has some good spots but i agree they could have done more.
Now to the MP and i,m supriced how many gamers still playing it. But i realy enjoy it even when i dropped in i was kinda the only soul that was in the match still with rank 1 lol. But once you rank up abit and get the feel for it its realy fun. Abit like a mix of COD and BF as far the vehicles go at least. No need to say you die alot def whenh you just starting up the MP and having gamers in there that are rank 75 and have everything unlocked, what i did notice is that the majority seem to be fixed players that play this game on a daily basis what is fun ofcourse. Once you do rank up then its somewhat easier and you basicly can gain XP by using your Parrot drone ect. All in all i realy starting to enjoy this game again and hey if you take a good look at the first few mins of the campaign where our lead caracter gets arrested the graphics def look great. For all those considering picking up this game, do it its cheap and the MP is still very active.
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