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Nah, leave it until someone with a fancy badge says take it down.

If you're right, then you already laid the ground work down for doing this early, and if you're wrong, lol. At the very least the speculation is a lot healthier than say, ME3's ending.

Also, I can list what suits I've seen thus far.

Arctic Survival Suit (Isaac and Carver)
Extra Vehicular Suit (Isaac only?)
Legionary Suit (Name referenced off Facebook released concept art matched with Co-op video)
Special Forces Suit (Carver only?))
Advanced Suit (Possible reward for beating DS2?)
Witness Suit (Reskinned Arctic Survival from LE/Dev Pre-order)
First Contact Suit (Reskinned EVA Suit from LE/Dev Pre-order)

Judging from the LE Ad shown, I'm assuming that Carver and Isaac will be able to wear the same kind of DLC suits as opposed to different variations. As you can see, I'm speculating here.

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