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Just thought I'd mention that if you run into the glitch of the missing timer on your first time thru the last Trial level (Abysus) then you may not be able to get the Better Than Six achievement at all - unless someone knows how you can get the timer to reappear? My timer was missing right from the moment I first started the Abysus trial, and while it glitched in my favour by showing my result as 0:00, giving me Call That a Challenge? , the time didn't cross over to the Trials results menu, so it just looks like I haven't even attempted the trial yet. Have tried it 3 times so far, still no results. Grrr....

EDIT: found the workaround mentioned in the "Call That a Challenge glitched" thread (which should've been titled "Better Than Six glitched", since that's the cheevo it's referring to)

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