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Just wanted to jump in and say thanks for the guide.

It's a big help, got all the cheevos on all the Xbox Gears games, so wanting to mop up on this version before Gears Judgment is out.

I am just doing Public matches currently so I can change the weapons to what I need for the weapon achievements. There seems to be no way to track progress though. ** Does Private count as Public match as well for achievements?

I keep having people join and moan at the AFK players, if I can do it Private and get the weapon cheevos and Not So Seriously, then I will switch to that to save some player grief.

Please confirm this is correct --my setup:

2 players (1 is my main profile) vs. 3 players - using your multiple account tip.

Is 2 players vs 3 players fine for achievements? I know it needs to be at least 3v3 for Ranked, is 2 v 3 fine for Public cheevos?

I am currently doing Warzone, 3 rounds and just getting Boomshot kills, then need Torque Bow and Hammer of Dawn.

Once weapon kills are done I'll switch then to your tip for Annex/KOTH.
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