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Originally Posted by Waynimus View Post
Just wanted to jump in and say thanks for the guide.

It's a big help, got all the cheevos on all the Xbox Gears games, so wanting to mop up on this version before Gears Judgment is out.

I am just doing Public matches currently so I can change the weapons to what I need for the weapon achievements. There seems to be no way to track progress though. ** Does Private count as Public match as well for achievements?

I keep having people join and moan at the AFK players, if I can do it Private and get the weapon cheevos and Not So Seriously, then I will switch to that to save some player grief.

Please confirm this is correct --my setup:

2 players (1 is my main profile) vs. 3 players - using your multiple account tip.

Is 2 players vs 3 players fine for achievements? I know it needs to be at least 3v3 for Ranked, is 2 v 3 fine for Public cheevos?

I am currently doing Warzone, 3 rounds and just getting Boomshot kills, then need Torque Bow and Hammer of Dawn.

Once weapon kills are done I'll switch then to your tip for Annex/KOTH.
Actually reading the original post answers all of your questions.
Originally Posted by Super Geek No1 View Post
Now the setting I'm going to tell you was the easiest game type we could find. Host a rank match either KOTH (King Of The Hill) or Annex, Three rounds, 120 capture points and most importantly select the map to Fuel Depot. When the game has loaded up the lobby screen switch users and search for the game you are hosting (do this accordingly with all accounts). Switch back to your main account and start game.

Please make sure you have 6 players/bots in a public(ranked) match for the kills to count towards Seriously. If a player/bot lags out for what ever reason if less then 6 players/bots capture the objective and end the game then start it back up with 6 players/bots. If you have more than 6 players/bots to start with then it doesn't matter if one ore two lag out as long as it doesn't go past 6 players/bots. For Not So Seriously doesn't matter how many players you have and it can be done in a private match, this is to clear up all questions people are asking one more thing GOW PC isn't like GOW Xbox 360 once you hit 10k on the dot Seriously will pop once the match has ended

Extremely Serious
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