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DmC: Devil May Cry - Secret Missions Guide

1. Air Brawl - Enemies only take damage in the air

What you want to do is flick the enemies up in the air by holding down , this will send you up in the air with the enemy and allow you to attack them in mid air. You will have plantly of time to complete this challenge.

2. Simple Traversal - Reach the goal within the time limit

The easiest of the traversal challenges, all you have to do is follow the path and use the devil / angel swing parts. Try not to fall off, but there is plenty of room for error.

3. Simple Eradication - Kill all enemies within the time limit

Kill all the enemies within the time limit, use whatever combos or weapons you are comfortable using. I myself prefer to use trinity smash with the arbiter (, , pause, ). This deals a lot of damage and can kill each enemy with just one hit of this combo.

4. Demonic Conflict - Enemies only take damage from demon weapons

Same as the last one, but with a twist. You can only use Demon weapons (Holding down to use the demon weapons). Arbiter I prefer but it has slow attacks, Eryx also does the job.

5. Angelic Warfare - Enemies only take damage from angel weapons

Same as the last one, but this time the opposite. You can only use Angel weapons (holding down to use the angel weapons). I prefer to use the Aquila as it attacks a wider range of enemies.

6. Rapid Descent - Reach all of the goals within the time limit

This is tricky if you don't know a path, I advise you watch the video included as its difficult to explain in words. What you have to do is go down sideways so you make sure to touch all the goals.

7. A Taste of Heaven - Enemies and Dante die in one hit

This is just like Heaven and Hell difficulty on story mode. What you want to do is run around and create a train of demons. Get some distance and use demon pull ( and ) to break their defense, then shoot them with ebony and ivory.

8. Stylish Victory - Gain an S rank within the time limit

The fastest way to do this is to lock the enemies in place with the Aquilas attack, this will ensure they don't get flung backwards during the next part. All you have to do now is use trinity smash with the arbiter (, , pause, ) on each of the enemies, you will gain an S rank very quickly this way. Make sure to not get hit.

9. Bait And Switch - Enemies only take damage while the demon evade bonus is active.

To use demon evade hold down and use or to dodge. Look at one of the enemies and as soon as they are about to swing the saw, use demon evade. If done right you'll get slow-mo and also you'll do increased damage. Just hit each enemy with the arbiter, will take one swing on each one.

10. The Power Within - Kill all enemies before Dantes Devil Trigger expires

If you have Super Dante enabled, this is impossible to fail on. It is pretty easy anyway though, just use whatever combos you are familiar with to kill all the enemies.

11. What Goes Around - Enemies only take damage from other enemies attacks

All you have to do is lead the 2 enemies on the floor into the grenades the flying enemies throw until both are dead. Once that is done make one throw a grenade then quickly pull them with demon pull into the grenade radius to kill them.

12. Moderate Traversal - Reach the goal within the time limit

Just like the previous traversal one, but trickier jumps etc. There is lots of room for error so don't worry about falling off, just don't keep falling off and you'll pass the mission.

13. Flawless Conquest - Kill all enemies without taking any damage

Self explanatory, just use the combos you are happy with using. I like the Aribiter as it deals a lot of damage, but it can also be slow and you can get hit. So just use whatever combo / weapon you want and spam angel / demon evade.

14. Colossal Triumph - Kill the Tyrant within the time limit

All you have to do is kill one tyrant, very simple. Wait for it to charge and then try and get a demon evade bonus, this way you'll deal more damage but it isn't required. Pull it on it's back with demon pull and then use the trinity smash combo which you'll be familiar with from previous secret missions if you've been following this guide. It will be on fire when it gets back up, just hit its back twice then evade it's swing, do the same again and it will die.

15. Hasty Acquisition - Gain the target number of red orbs within the time limit

As soon as you start go left and work your way around the lower street, then make a turn and go up the next street. You will get 90 just after turning around on the 2nd street. You have to be quick as you don't have a lot of time.

16. Displaced Skirmish - Enemies only take damage from within the active zones

This one is a pain in the ass as the zones are random in terms of placement and depleting speed. What you want to do is just focus on one enemy at a time and keep pulling them back into the circle with demon pull. Repeat for all the others. if you want you can use the Buy in move with the Aquila (, , pause, ), this will bring all enemies to you.

17. Divergent Slaughter - Do not use the same attack twice

As soon as you start equip the Aquila and use the tornado move (Hold down ), Just move into each of the enemies then guide them off the edge of the arena sort of thing. All will die and you'll finish the challenge.

18. Extreme Traversal - Reach the goal within the time limit
19. A Day In Hell - Dante dies in one hit
20. Subsistence - Survive until the timer expires
21. Shenanigans - Kill all enemies

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