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Originally Posted by McDurbin View Post
Actually reading the original post answers all of your questions.
Ah yes, well, I did read through but must have got caught up and paid attention more to the Windows User Accounts than the rest.

Has anyone actually stuck to doing the weapon achievements in Private matches? I know it says it can be done, but even so, it would be a bit of a waste to do hundreds of matches and then later find it might not work after all.

I'll probably stick with Public Live for now just to be extra cautious.

Also, I think I have been wasting my time on weapon kills, and sticking to one weapon per match for the 3 rounds. It sounds a bit different to Xbox version, but if I understand it correctly for the weapon achievements - all that is required is at least 1 weapon kill per match? For example, I could do 100 matches, and in each of those get at least 1 kill with the Torque Bow, Boomshot, and Hammer of Dawn, and will get all the weapon achievements over the course of those 100 matches.

I think that's right anyway, and I'm sure that's probably covered in another post.

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