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Originally Posted by McDurbin View Post
I can't remember how many rounds I did it for but I was killing four dummies and was able to get one kill with each weapon in the match and did it in private. I unlocked all of the weapon achievements at the same time.
That sounds good. I was doing 2 v. 3, but am now doing 1 v. 1.

I figured if each match is 3 rounds and I need 3 specific weapon kills, I could get away with just for example, Round 1 = Torque Bow kill, Round 2 = Boomshot kill, Round 3 = HoD kill.

That should work, right? I am hoping that it just looks at the overall match, which if that's what it does then it should work. Hoping you don't have to get the same weapon kill for every round.
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