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Fall Down Go Boom
Kill an enemy with the Boomshot in 100 multiplayer (Player or Ranked) matches of 3+ rounds

Play 100 matches of 3 or more rounds and get at least one boomshot kill in each.
Does anyone know for sure if you can earn multiple weapon achievements in a single match. The description quoted above, I am unsure which way to take it, does it mean get a specific weapon kill in each match overall, or does it mean in every round of the match score that specific weapon kill.

What I am doing right now is playing upto 100 matches, 1vs.1, and across the 3 rounds of the match I will score a different specific weapon kill.

The goal being to get a +1 after each match towards 3 of the weapon achievements. If I am wasting my time though, please let me know. I hope it works this way.
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