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Just to say , BF3 + Premium is awesome :)

So I had a clear out of my games to PX at my local store , I took in BLOP's 2 , L.A Noire , Sleeping Dogs , Spec Ops : The Line and BF3 ( which I held back on trading as they offered me a measly 8 , so I bought it back home ).

Now I bought BF3 Premium on day one , only shortly after I just lost all interest in BF3 and only started to play it properly after the Xmas break .

Now 3 weeks on and I am addicted to this game and it expansions .

So glad I did not PX BF3 , as not only would I of wasted 4,000MSP on Premium , I would of been missing out on some of the craziest MP ever

That is all .

Thank you .
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