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Specialization Armor Mod Usefulness - Tip Sharing Thread

Heya All,

I've got through half of the specializations now, and about halfway through the fifth, so I figured I would share some of my insight into the armor mods they offer. Maybe you guys would have some tips that would also be of use.

Pioneer - Fast Track
The only thing that this armor mod will get you is bonus experience, which the benefits have been discussed in length in other threads/videos. I still kind of recommend this for a first specialization pick, because it can help get through specializations quicker, especially if you play a lot of Spartan Ops matchmaking (a good match with the Fast Track equipped can net you a bonus 1400 experience, and has helped me get around 10,000 experience per match).

Of course, the draw back is that it takes up a slot for something else that you want.

Operator - Wheelman
The benefits are slight vehicle regeneration, halved downtime from EMP shots, and slightly more difficult to board. Aside from EMP resistance, I haven't noticed much from the other two, especially when I'm piloting a mantis, and the enemy wants to board me. I will say this though, if you have the tank on Exile, the enemy team is going be throwing everything they have at you, so reducing downtime from EMPs is worth it.

Pathfinder - Gunner
This will help you reduce the time that mounted/vehicle weapons need to cooldown, and help you run faster with a detached turret. This one is great if you work the turret in a Warthog, but I haven't noticed for other vehicles (I haven't done many tests). It definitely doubles your speed when you walk around with the turrets though, which is nice, but you're still kind of vulnerable (jumping hindered, can't sprint/use armor abilities without dropping the turret).

Rogue - Stability
Getting hit doesn't make your aim flail around. This is something that always bugged me; the other guy gets a hit on you first, so you can't aim properly, further increasing your chances of dropping dead. I've only used this in a couple of matches (just finished the specialization), but I have noticed a major difference. If you are hit, your aim doesn't budge, so you're free to aim your shots, rather than panic looking for cover.

As for the other specializations, I've heard things from this forum, and from friends, but I have no first hand experience with them. My thoughts?

Wetwork - Stealth
This sounds neat, and I have noticed others using it. It seems to make it so that you hardly show up on the radar. Plus, being quieter, assassinate quicker, and show up less on Promethean vision is pretty neat. I could use this for a sniper class.

Stalker - Nemesis
I seek out revenge, sometimes even forsaking convenient targets, but from what I have read, it doesn't give you much. "Hey, the guy that killed you? He's there! Right there! He's going- Oh, sorry, lost his signal. Maybe he'll get you again?"

Does it give the gamertag? Callsign? Anything that when the waypoint cuts out, you can still use to track him?

I just know that I'm going to do this second to last; I don't want Stalker lingering on my Spartan's card after I finish this specialization. Plus, again, only the one benefit, taking up a slot.

Engineer - Drop Recon
I guess knowing about ordnance drops first could be nice, but how quickly do you know about them? At what range does this work? Plus, if it has a high effective range (such as the covering the whole map), wouldn't the indicators clutter your screen?

Tracker - Requisition
I am currently enlisted in this specialization, and I think this could be useful. A lot of times I keep getting choices that are completely irrelevant to the situation at hand.

Example - On Ragnarok I end up being at the mercy of 4-5 snipers on the enemy team, so I need a powerful sniping weapon. I finally earn my ordnance, and what do I find? Needler, grenades, over-shield? Oh great, that will help; the Needler won't shoot far enough, let alone go in a straight line to be effective. Grenades could get me a hail mary, but we're talking other end of the map, which can't be done without some interesting kludges. Over-shield might protect me from one shot, and then my shields are out.

Of course, the problem with this, is that I could still re-roll a poor selection, even the same selection. Plus, just like Fast Track, this is the only benefit, so you might enjoy something else in its place.

So, what are your thoughts?
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