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Originally Posted by SgtFuzzyGhost View Post
Engineer - Drop Recon
I guess knowing about ordnance drops first could be nice, but how quickly do you know about them? At what range does this work? Plus, if it has a high effective range (such as the covering the whole map), wouldn't the indicators clutter your screen?
This is really one of the best specializations. You get a little less than double the detection range and you see the ordinance about 8 seconds before it drops. This means in objective modes, you are almost guaranteed to get every power weapon since there is no personal ordinance.

Well screw it, here's the rest:

Nemesis is awful. You only see the waypoint above the dudes head for about 5 seconds. You can normally respawn fast enough to know where he is anyway and even if you couldn't, if they're across the map, knowing where they are for a few seconds while you try and reach them isn't useful at all. Bad.

Stealth makes you only have an outline for promethean vision. It doesn't affect radar at all. Having faster assassinations is neat I guess? The reduced footstep sound is cool too I guess? I don't use it since when people use prommy vision, odds are, they suck anyway, so staying hidden from them isn't an issue. Bad.

Requisition is great for slayer in combination with ordinance priority. Good.

Stability is good for BTB matches and that's about it. In any non-BTB map you don't really need to zoom in and there is no kick-back when you're zoomed out. Okay.

Gunner is so situational and useless that I don't feel like it needs explaining. Bad.

Wheelman cuts the EMP delay by about half the time. It's pretty good overall for BTB if you wanna use a vehicle. Good.

Fast track gives you nothing aside from XP so use it in Spartan Ops and pick something better for MP. Bad.

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