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Originally Posted by Waynimus View Post
I have now scored the Torque Bow achievement, which now leaves the Hammer of Dawn as the last weapon achievement to unlock.

I tried doing 2 v. 3 for the Hammer of Dawn achievement, as firgured a kill with that weapon pretty much wipes out the whole team at spawn, so it's a nice boost to Not So Seriously for the 20 or so matches I need.

However, I have an issue; it's likely down to my system spec no doubt, but is there anything that can be done, any process to end in task manager that might not be needed etc., just something to allow a few more players without them dropping out? I'd ideally like to be able to stretch to 3 v. 3 for Ranked play at least.

The game starts rather unstably, but becomes playable after a few seconds, the issue is after the match as it loads into the lobby, 2 or so of the players drop out from the game.
What's your PC specs?
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