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Feather map:

1: On the rooftop just across from the central staircase that leads up to your villa.

2: On a beam sticking out of the tower above the town’s front gates.

3: On the roof of the little house at the northeast corner of the map.

4: On the roof of the cottage to the west of the town.


Feather map:

1: Atop the northwest corner of the cathedral at the southeast corner of the map.

2: Just behind the bell on the roof of the church.

3: Floating on top of a pillar at the southwest corner of the Antico Teatro Romano.

4: On top of the gatehouse over San Gimignano’s southern entrance.

5: On the eastern wall of a tower.

6: On a beam sticking out of the viewpoint tower.

7: At the top of a tower just to the north of Santa Maria Assunta.

8: On a beam near the top of the northern Torri dei Salvucci tower.

9: On a beam jutting out from the tower’s north wall.

10: On yet another beam sticking out of yet another tower’s north wall.

11: On top of a crumbly guard post situated atop the city’s southeast wall.

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