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Feather map:

1: On a beam sticking out of the back end of the church at the northwest corner of the map.

2: Overlooking the courtyard of the huge, squarish building near the map’s northeast corner.

3: On a pole in the water near the southern end of the docks.

4: On a beam sticking out of the big, round tower’s east side.

5: On a beam sticking out of a building just across from the fortress on the southwest side of town.

6: On top of a building near the town’s north wall.

7: On top of a beam connecting two buildings; easy to see from Feather 8’s location.

8: On top of a circular guard tower along the town’s western wall.

9: On top of the city’s eastern wall; easily reachable by ropes connected to nearby buildings.

10: On a beam above the southern façade of the San Mercuriale cathedral.

11: On a beam not far from the city’s southern entrance.

12: On a beam sticking out of the city’s eastern wall, just south of its easternmost wall tower.

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